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FSX Standard

Rack AND bag with matching holder


FSX-Standard was invented by FAHRER Berlin in 2017. It is the first cost-free open-source way of connecting bike racks and bags. Principle: The rack has got an vertikal part of defined dimensions, the bag has got a flat pocket on the back. Simple put the bag over the carrier bracket and ride off. Advantages: No buckles and connectors are needed. A clever solution, clean look for the rack and a smooth backside of the bag for comfortable wearing. The standard ist curated by Fahrer Berlin. For registration and information please refer to All rack and bag producers are invited to invent products following the standard to make it a widespread system on the market.

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  • the bag has a smooth back and can therefore be carried comfortably
  • attaching and removing is very easy
  • no (plastic-) holder systems needed

Open to the market:

The standard is designed to be open to the market. All companies interested in participating can use it free of charge and, on this basis, bring containers and bags as well as holders and carriers onto the market. The aim is a wide and cross-company market penetration.


Information and construction details can be requested free of charge from FAHRER Berlin GmbH. The only condition of participation is that products put on the market have the addition: „suitable for FSX-Standard“, „made for FSX-Standard“ or similar in the description.



Front racks and bags are available from FAHRER Berlin.